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Bondage Abounds

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I see uuuuuuuuu
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Screw this.

Seriously. Life just refuses to let me relax, for over 10 fucking years.

Since i was last on here?

Lost a car, burned up savings to get another one and huge repairs on it, and won’t have that paid off till next paycheck.  Have one person who i’ve been talkign to constantly suddenly radio silence me over the last week or so. and on top of that now my mother’s bankruptcy may be discharged so taking care of her is about to get a lot harder, even if i burn up my emergency fund that’s in investments that are gonna take a huge hit for early withdrawl.  And to top it all off I make a nice little post to the book of faces to try to get people to toss me some jokes to make today suck less, and it gets pretty much ignored.  Apparently I can keep everyone else uplifted by no one can spare a joke when i happen to need a reminder people are still out there.  Fuck. People.
and fuck my life’s randomness generator, it’s suck on 1s.

El Zhab’ibanitha Etnakoy

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Satisfying things

tears of joy and happiness rn

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We have a brother and sister at kendo and watching them in shiai tonight my headcanon now is they settle sibling arguments at home with shiai and their dad shinpans (he also does kendo).

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via luar.
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Mmmm, delicious blood moon.


Mmmm, delicious blood moon.

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To do list.

excuse me

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Coming spring 2014….

Jeffree Star Cosmetics.


Yo I don’t even wear lipstick and this is still really fucking exciting like how does that even happen??????

Wonder how well this holds up in the rain for 8 hours…

< . <

> . >

its for SCIENCE purposes! And it’d go fabulous with my purple suit if it comes in a darker red…

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